Media Planning and Buying

Media buying forms a very essential part of all-round digital marketing and player acquisition efforts which is often neglected. It is neglected mostly due to failure in the ROI , which most of the time is due to poor reach and targeting. The acquisition of ad placements or inventory stack up is an very important part of media buying, which can only happen after careful product consideration, identifying the target audience and setting up campaign goals.

AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Tinder, the number of advertising options open to operators today is expanding.

vCommission’s strong and experienced media buying team will evaluate the media reach, station formats and pricing rates, plus demographics and psychographics relating our client’s marketing objectives. We will help you establish the right channels of the lot available out there and strategize to match your brand with customers who are ready to take action.

It seems quite easy to set up an automated campaign and burn the money with tons of clicks, but getting the ROI on the money spent particularly while you are paying for every click you generate is best left to experts. vCommission Media Buying team can help you go from good paid search campaign to a great ROI generating campaign, be it display or social media as we know the industry well and know the messaging to compel a potential gamer to take action after clicking!

Sales-first-focus in mind and ROI on every penny spent is what keeps our team awake! This ROI does not come easy as near perfect analysis and application of the data, smart-targeted ad copies and of course the ever persuasive human factor for optimisation and perfection is required to drive results.

Google Adwords, Facebook paid ads, Programmatic Native Advertising are some of the channels we are well versed in and our experience in iGaming industry gives you the added edge in working with us, as we know to build an ad campaign around your online gaming brand to drive quality.

Give us your challenge today and test our media buying experts to drive you unparalleled ROI!